All the data 
for your 
perfect pitch!



  • Happy players
  • Efficient stadium use
  • Sustainable pitch management

Data Dashboard

  • Takes all your Hipster data
  • See the condition of your pitch in one clear view
  • Follows Fifa Certification
Sensors Johan Cruijff ArenA

Sensor Suite

  • Happy players
  • Efficient stadium use
  • Sustainable pitch management

Why us?

Proven at the johan cruijff arenA

The dashboard and measurement equipment are developed and proven in the multifunctional stadium Johan Cruijff ArenA, the home of AJAX Amsterdam and of the Dutch National Team. The experience we have gained there is ready to be shared with the world. Our knowledge and equipment will guarantee you the best natural pitch all year round and open up any options for additional revenues from events and concerts.

Data Specialists

Holland innovative has 20 years of experience supporting tech companies bringing new products to the market, focusing on complex business processes. It was about time for the team to develop a new product of their own. Based on 7 years of collecting data in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, the team knows the power of data and what progress it can bring. Open collaboration, high quality, and fun are what drive them.

Our Science Partners

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